Bullet Blues

Bullet Blues

When did you have the “aha” moment that this interest/passion could be a business?

There was no particular moment. I always had planned on it and was just waiting for the right time for me as a mother of a teenage boy.

Were there circumstances that led you down this path, or did you always want to do this?

I’m a blue jean girl when I don’t dress up. Love everything about jeans. It was hard for me sometimes to find the perfect fit.


Isabelle Benoit

Business names are very important – how did you come up with yours?

Our trip to Normandy, France. I was very impressed by the sacrifices of the American Soldiers and all the other soldiers too, who led France and the world to freedom. I thought that Bullet Blues would be the perfect name to honor them and thank them and to serve as a reminder that freedom doesn’t come for free.

Bullet Blues Jeans

 What is the inspiration for your style and design?

I personally like sexy jeans with the perfect fit. I also like them to look elegant without bling on them. So the inspiration is mostly a reflection of my personal taste. We will have boyfriend-style jeans for Spring to please the ladies who don’t like tight jeans.

Audrey, Marilyn, Jean

The Timeless Beauty of Audrey, Marilyn and Jean in their Classic Jeans.

Every product has various materials that compose it. What are some of the favorite materials you use in your design?

I like fabrics that are comfortable so I pick fabrics with stretch even for the men’s  jeans, except the men’s button-up shirts that are 100% cotton. We have tops in modal/stretch. Our new tops for ladies are going to be made with a really soft rayon with a touch of spandex.

Where do you source your materials?

For the jeans, we use Cone Denim from North Carolina. Our rivets and buttons are custom made in Kentucky by YKK. I’m using a new company for my new tops Fabrics World USA. It’s a company from up North and we get our rayon/spandex, chiffon and mesh from them. Our care labels are also made in USA.

Cone Denim

What is your favorite part of the creative and production process?

Picking the fabrics is fun. Getting the first sample made is exciting. I love when I have an idea in my head and my pattern maker Cherie Bixler is able to draw it to perfection. She is really amazing and I love to work with her. She has helped me with the designs of my new tops for the Spring Collection. I’m pretty happy when production starts as we have been working very hard to get there.

What kind of relationship do you have with the people you work with?

A professional relationship. I have been working with the same people since I started. I am just hiring more people little by little down the road.

Jeans Hem Stitching

What do you wish you had known when you were first starting out?

I should have studied the statistics of the sizing in America. My very first production had too many small sizes and not enough average and larger.

What is the most important philosophy you live by?

Stay honest, work hard, and deliver the best you can with a smile.

What is your secret to success?

Always believe in yourself. Life has its ups and downs. Also trust your instincts and gut feelings and stay true to your vision as it will happen. I’m a positive person.

Isabelle & FriendWhat advice would you give to others starting out?

Not sure. It depends. They have to know it is not going to be easy. They need to be persistent and I also think that there is nothing wrong with paying someone who is better than you in certain domains that you need for your business.

What has been your most cherished milestone so far?

When I started making a bit of profit which took awhile. I love my customers who are loyal to Bullet Blues.

Bullet Blues

Why is manufacturing in the United States important to you?

It’s a no brainer. Jobs creation, economy, safer products, American Pride…

What’s next?

To keep creating.  Get bigger. Hire more people. There is something amazing that I am planning on doing but it is way too soon to talk about it. The future will tell. Thank you!



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