American Made

American Made by Dave BarnhouseWarm memories of those old country stores that are still sprinkled across our land. “The country store was a social gathering place in rural America and offered a wide array of merchandise – groceries, hardware, clothes, medications. In this delightful image a young couple on their motorcycles have stopped by for a cold soda. As a boy admires their powerful machines, two old-timers sit on the porch, intent on a leisurely game of checkers. Mom and Pop load up the pick-up and get ready to head home.”

Artist Dave Barnhouse has never forgotten the values learned in his youth. He is a self-described “country-boy” who grew up in small-town Richmond, Ohio. “I want my art to make people feel as though they were back home on a Friday evening experiencing the warmth of a cozy fire and smelling the homemade bread and cookies coming from the oven.” Dave’s paintings are snapshots of life the way he remembers it from the 1950s and 60s.

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