Friends ForeverFinally updating everything, not only the blog, but the pic too. Have been incredibly frustrated trying to get all of this techno stuff in sync. Don’t know how many times the poor techies at Yahoo have received my calls of desperation, and thankfully, not hung up on me. The Our USA WordPress site is not perfect, but the techies have patiently walked me through it, and will probably have to do it all again. Trying to figure out how to get different images and links on the pages so I can celebrate individual contributors. Trying to figure out the differences between posts and pages, and basic theme customization and how to do sharing. Has anyone read the WordPress Codex lately? Frankly I have wanted to give up many times, but I guess it’s my Italian stubbornness that pushes me on. Well, I have said basta already! Rather than go for perfect, I am going for the best of what I am able to do right now and figure I will learn as I struggle on. And I guess that’s all we can ever ask of ourselves and each other.

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