Getting Back to “Real”

Rocking ChairsI got two messages today from people I feel are worth listening to. Of course they weren’t just for me, but somehow they felt that way. One was Seth Godin who said “Racing to build your organization around the latest social network tool or graphics-rendering technology permits you to spend a lot of time learning the new system and skiing in the fresh powder of the unproven, but it might just distract you from the difficult work of telling the truth, looking people in the eye and making a difference.”

That’s what it feels as though I have been doing this entire past month (or maybe even a bit longer). I have been so engrossed in trying to navigate WordPress and plug-ins and learning new systems that I really haven’t had quality time to connect with our community. OK, I’m one person, and maybe have the mindset that it is difficult  to delegate, but I feel I have to learn “it” so I can know how to deliver “it”.

Well, I said I got two messages today, the other was from inspirational writer Holly Gerth who just said “Let’s hang out” – which meant to me that we have been out of the loop – so let’s get back together – I thought that was appropriate too.  So, I just wanted to say that you can reach me here, on the blog of course, and also at Facebook – or Pinterest. Would love to talk with you.