Unite Against Bullying

October hosts a number of national observances including Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Our friend Chris Gagliardi, who is featured in the Fall issue, has experienced bullying throughout his life. Born with autism, Chris has faced life with courage and is believed to be the only person with autism to have run for public office in the United States. Check out our Fall issue to read Chris’s story and be sure to sign his petition “Give Youth Rights for Justice Against Bullies.”

The NEA (National Education Association) encourages family and friends to pay attention.   “There are many warning signs that may point to a bullying problem, such as unexplained injuries, lost or destroyed personal items, changes in eating habits, and avoidance of school or other social situations. However, every children may not exhibit warning signs, or may go to great lengths to hide it. This is where paying attention is most valuable.”

“if you see something – do something. Intervene as soon as you even think there may be a problem. Don’t brush it off as “kids are just being kids. They’ll get over it.” Some never do, and it affects them for a lifetime.”

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